Hi, I'm Holly

I'm a software developer with a love of Python and learning new things.

I like programming and open source. I love Python for the language simplicity and welcoming community. I run Linux at home, open source all of my personal projects, and gave talks on software licenses.

I love board games. I play them frequently, and regularly learn new ones. I also enjoy tabletop RPGs and occasionally make time for video games.

I love birdwatching. I discovered it as an adult, and it has reshaped how I interact with the world, nature, and climate change. I love the challenge of finding and identifying new birds, contributing to citizen science, and learning weird and wonderful facts about birds.

I love to read fantasy & science fiction, and I'm always excited to chat about favorite books.

I love languages, writing systems and linguistics. I'm learning Japanese and I've dabbled in Esperanto, French and Arabic.

I live in Vancouver, BC, though I also love to travel. I love to attend conventions, especially in far away places with new sights, new people, and new birds.