Hi, I'm Holly

I'm a software developer with a love of Python and learning new things.

I like programming and open source. I love Python for the language simplicity and welcoming community. I run Linux at home, open source all of my personal projects, and prefer to work at companies that support open source.

I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for Python and co-organize the PyLadies Vancouver meetup group for women and non-binary people who program in Python, though it is open to people of all genders who program in any language.

I love playing games. My first love is board games, which I play frequently and regularly learn new ones. I also enjoy tabletop RPGs (mostly D&D 3.5 in Eberron) and occasionally make time for video games.

I love birdwatching. It's the hobby I never thought I would like until it became an obsession, but now I almost always have binoculars with me. I love the challenge of finding and identifying new birds, contributing to citizen science, and simply enjoying their beauty and songs.

I love to read, primarily for escapism. I love fantasy & science fiction and like to share recommendations.

I love languages and writing systems. I have been learning Japanese for a couple of years and consider myself intermediate level. I've played with learning Esperanto and have touched French and Arabic, though I have little skill with them now.

I live in Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, BC, though I've also discovered the joy of travelling. I love to attend science fiction, fantasy and gaming conventions, especially in far away places with new sights, new people, and new birds.